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Graffiti and fly posters are a problem in our communities and can cause a great deal of upset. On this website you will find advice on how to remove graffiti and fly posters yourself and advice on how to protect you property against further damage.

Some councils offer a graffiti removal service although these services may be restricted in the current economic climate.

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GraffitiHotline™ supplies local authorities, cleaning companies and individuals.



17/11/12 Burnham
Fears over graffiti plan for Burnham shutters

16/11/12 Exeter
Devon Police warn over rise in graffiti in Exeter

16/11/12 Kent
Paddock Wood shelter is daubed with wrong type of graffiti

04/11/12 Rotherham
Rotherham police ask for help to tackle graffiti tags

01/11/12 Leicester
Vandals spray graffiti on Age UK ambulance in Leicester causing thousands of pounds damage

01/11/12 Prestwich
Graffiti yobs hit cancer charity

31/10/12 Dundee
Dundee man admits vandalism spree that saw graffiti sprayed on Al-Maktoum College

30/10/12 Lancashire
Anger at Rishton vandal's 'love note' graffiti

26/10/12 Bristol
Take a walking tour through the history of Bristol's graffiti

21/10/12 Southampton
Police hunt vandals behind Southampton graffiti spree

20/10/12 Croydon
Norbury graffiti vandal admits causing damage worth £54,000

18/10/12 Pewsey
Anger over Nazi graffiti

18/10/12 London
Artist Employed by London Olympics Convicted of Graffiti Vandalism

16/10/12 Harrogate
Graffiti taggers sought by Harrogate police

15/10/12 Croydon
Graffiti vandal who caused £54k worth of damage is jailed

13/10/12 Jarrow
Man who sprayed graffiti onto postbox painted gold for Paralympic hero is spared jail

10/10/12 Swindon
Appeal following rise in graffiti in Swindon

09/10/12 Stonehenge
Stonehenge up close: digital laser scan reveals secrets of the past

08/10/12 Valencia
Restorers tackle obscene 17th-century graffiti on rediscovered frescoes

05/10/12 Perthshire
Graffiti culprits mindless

05/10/12 Loughborough
Graffiti spree sparks hunt by police

02/10/12 Manchester
What has happened to Manchester? Graffiti praising man accused of policewomen's murder appears at gangland funeral as police are forced to close TWENTY SEVEN pubs just to keep order

29/09/12 Redditch
Graffiti and anti-social behaviour solved


Graffiti Removal Training Course

Hands-on course at the UK’s only dedicated graffiti removal training centre

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GraffitiHotline™ graffiti removal kits are designed with 18 years of science and experience to be safe to use for the public and untrained staff. Each kits includes comprehensive safety and user instructions and Personal Protective Equipment.


Community Clean Ups require a team effort with councils, community groups, businesses and residents all working together - more information. The benefits of community clean ups are there for all those involved to see

Restore community pride by giving those that live an work in the area the tools to clear graffiti safely and simply.
Maintain a thriving community by clearing the graffiti, which deters further graffiti and makes it a desirable place to live and work.
Save on the cost of graffiti removal by reducing the work load on specialist graffiti removal teams.
Graffiti removal in an environmentally friendly and safe manner by using environmentally friendly products and providing clear safet
y and user instructions.

Discussion Forum

The GraffitiHotline Discussion Forum has been set up to discuss any issue surrounding graffiti and fly posting.


New EU chemical legislation known as REACH enters into force on 1st June and will have a major impact on manufacturers and users of graffiti removal chemicals.
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Over 12000 individuals have been contacted to comment on The Use of Community Art Projects and Murals as a Means to Control Graffiti with input from graffiti officers, councillors, community police officers, resident groups, art project coordinators and the general public.